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Using Fiber Lasers to Remove the Rust on Rail Surface

Because of the rail always exposure to air, coupled with wind, sun, rain, snow and frost, the rail surface is easy to rust. In order to protect the safe operation of the train, removing rust is necessary.
OK, How to do it ?

Cleaning system configuration
Cleaning system configuration is as following, We will test and evaluate the cleaning effects of the 100-30*100-10-1000 and 10-30*400-20-200 fiber lasers of the IPG on the rail rust layer. The lasers always work under pulse mode, equipped with IPG scanning galvanometers & CNC platforms or machine hand in different scanning methods, then use different parameters to meet the requirements of different surface cleaning. Actually, there are two rust layers on the rail, exterior layer is a yellow rust which main element is iron oxide (Fe2O3), and the deeper layer is black rust(as the picture).

Cleaning parameter selection and effect
Firstly, Using the 100-30*100-10-1000 laser to finish cleaning test. In order to obtain a better cleaning effect, it should be two steps to finish testing via 10-30*400-20-200 laser. The difference of two steps is laser power different, the first step should be a high power, to clean large area of rust. The second step power is lower, use it for removing more precise and slight rust.

The results showed that, after two steps of high and low power cleaning, the yellow rust layer and black rust layer on the rail surface were completely washed away, and the cleaned rails were bright and white.
Using 10-30*400-20-200 laser cleaning, the yellow rust layer and the black rust layer on the rail surface are completely washed away to obtain the cleaning effect of the substrate body color.
From the results, We can find that the 100-30*100-10-1000 laser has a very good cleaning effect for removing the yellow rust layer of Fe2O3 on the surface of the rail, and it is better than using 10-30*400-20-200 laser. For cleaning deeper layers of black rust, the 10-30*400-20-200 laser is a good choice.

Considering the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effects, in order to get high efficiency and high-quality cleaning effect of the corrosion layer, We suggest to combine using two lasers: first use the large spot and low power density 100-30*100-1000 laser to efficiently remove the yellow Fe2O3 rust  on light layer on the surface of the rails; the small spot and high power density 10-30*400-20-200 laser is used to remove the black rust on deeper layer.
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