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How to Deal withCarton Packaging Printing Content Often Change

CYCJET is a professional inkjet printer manufacturing company. It often has economical, simple and effective, high-efficiency inkjet coding solutions for carton packs printing content often change. But don"t worry, listen to me and give you an analysis, find the reason, and prescribe the right medicine.targeted solution to the problem of perception.
First , analyze the reasons for it. Why do manufacturers trouble in Carton Packaging Printing Content Often Change? Why replace information content? 

The reason is multiple, 
1. Print date change. The date on the packaging must be replaced constantly because it is obvious that the basic functions of the printers on the market can be solved.
2. Carton packs have the variability of inkjet printer specifications, lot numbers, etc. Each manufacturer produces more than one product, but it is not possible for every product to be on a single packaging line, so the printed content often changes. 

3. There are more than one manufacturer"s customers, each manufacturer"s printing content diversification, logo, information, and may even have a bar code two-dimensional code. If printed directly, inventory pressure is high, and if the information changes, all inventory can be scrapped and wasteful.
4. Traditional inkjet printers are limited in terms of the number of jet prints. Normal jet printers print only 2 cm high, and special printers can reach 5 cm. Under the printing format, the content of the printed information is small. In summary, the problem of how to solve the problem of variable coding and coding by manufacturers has become a key development direction for the printer companies, because it can not only solve the practical problems of the customer"s production process, but also can bring huge benefits to the coding companies benefit.

The CYCJET inkjet printer has introduced the original Japanese imported inkjet printer components after precise analysis of these issues and in-depth research.First of all, increased the code size to 7.2cm. And CYCJET carton printer can print real-time data. The printer can print real-time batch number, weight, logo and other information through the customer"s main control system, and no manual intervention is needed during the whole process. The carton printer uses a special corrugated carton printer ink, which further improves the stability and enables unattended printing. In addition, the CYCJET inkjet printer has a high resolution and the print fonts are printed. The appearance of beautiful products is naturally higher. And CYCJET Pen Maji can be connected to the CYCJETone product one code system to realize one product one code printing. The product can be produced, managed, warehoused, received and shipped, and managed by logistics. Realize anti-counterfeiting and anti-Cross Region Sale. Through the two-dimensional code can get accurate marketing of the product, big data collection, red envelope promotion. CYCJET Carton Inkjet Printer can realize multiple functions and strong functionality.
If you want to know if your production line can achieve this kind of coding, please contact our company . Just do it, call me .Get solutions, lower your costs and improve your productivity!

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