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CYCJET Achieved Grateful Success in the ChinaPlas 2016

  Shanghai Yuchang Industrial CO.,LTD(CYCJET) attended the ChinaPlas 2016 in Shanghai(from 25th, Apr to 28th, Apr,  2016 in  Shanghai New International Expo Centre ),Exhibition products mainly include: the CYCJET LF series fly laser marking machine for plastic pipes, like PVC, PE, PPR, etc, UV pipe laser marking machine, CYCJET B3020 small characters industrial inkjet printer,  ALT390 desktop inkjet printer, and new design "C" serials portable inkjet printer.

CYCJET relying on its own advanced technology LF series fly laser marking machine and UV pipe laser marking machine attracts the attention of large number of customers in the exhibition , increasing the company"s reputation and showing the company"s strength in the exhibition, so as to enhance the market competitiveness.

CYCJET Fly fiber laser marking machine is mainly popular in plastic pipe industries, plastic mould, and any other plastic parts. Especially for the plastic pipe industry, like PVC, PE, PPR pipes, fiber laser marking machine has been more and more popular, and has been highly regarded by the industry and most customers. The inkjet printing on plastic pipes industry must be replaced by laser marking someday, as laser marking is more clear and beautiful, what"s more, zero running cost, zero maintenance. CYCJET Fiber laser marker also attracted many visitors domestic and overseas due to its stability and beautiful marking. At the same time, the exhibition also provides numerous opportunities for business people to better explore the market, collect more sales leads and create more trading opportunities.

In a word, the influence of the trade show is good for CYCJET, we have accumulated a lot of potential customers.Through exchanging with customer,the work team of CYCJET accumulated more rich experince, also grasp this opportunity to make the sales person"s ability to get exercise, enhance their confidence and business growth this time.The exhibition at all levels, and to enhance the team quality ,team harmony degree, cooperation ability, executive ability, the individual of ability to work  , got the ascent of the whole.Gain experience in exhibition, effect also supply with a lot of good resource  for the enterprise"s growth plan in the future .

CYCJET Introduction:
CYCJET based on the principle of "Smart thinking, Smart Printing" to develop the products include: UV Fly laser printer, CYC Fiber Fly laser marking machine, "Automatic Cartoning Machine" "CYC CO2 Fly laser coding & marking machine", " handheld inkjet printer, Portable inkjet printer and Industrial inkjet printer. Based on advanced technology, CYC laser and inkjet developed and designed excellent laser & Inkjet coding machine, by the favor of customers in various industries, has thousands of equipment.

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Email: sales@cycjet.com

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