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Egg Manual Stamping & Coding Solution CYCJET

  Egg Manual Stamping & Coding Solution CYCJET
Abstract: CYCJET ALT390 Desktop Inkjet Printer---Egg Stamping Solution. Based on the markets & government policy requirement, recently years before egg come come into markets, it is must be coding & marking with expiry date or batch number.
CYCJET ALT390 Desktop Inkjet Printer can print on any orientation, upwards, downwards, sidewards. Especially its printhead adopts anti-blocking design and micro piezo technology. There are at last 128 piezo-electric crystal controlling the nozzles of the printhead. The electric signal passing the CPU and driving system reaches every piezo-electric crystal, which will transshape. Then the ink dot will be out from the nozzles reach the surface of products, and it will shows words, number, logo, etc. 
Stationary Inkjet printer has a totally sealed ink system. You can renew a new ink cartridge when printing, no need to stop working or turn off the manual coding machine. It is quite easy and fast and environmental friendly. What"s more, no any solvent is needed for the handheld inkjet printer.
Desktop Jet Printer of CYCJET can print automatic date and time, serial No., barcode, qrcode, logo, etc. And has many different fonts, as well as can customized by the client"s requirement. The hand jet printing system of CYCJET has been quite stable after more than ten years development, which can connect with the Product anti-forgery system to become an automatic portable marking system. The printhead system is well protected, the standard industrial design and good industrial protection grade, make the hand held printer suitable for many kings of different working environment, like full of dusty, humid workshop, high temperature, etc.
The CYCJET Portable Inkjet Printer adopts color touch screen, and the operator can input the printing information directly through the color touch screen, no need to connect with the PC or other device. What you see is what you get, just like a telephone. Also there needn"t be any special train to the operator of the handheld inkjet printer. The enterprise can save using cost as well.
In one word, if you want a small, and multi-functions inkjet printer, the handheld inkjet printer will be your best choice. CYCJET has been in handheld inkjet printer and portable marking solutions for more than 10 years, it will be highly appreciated if getting any inquities.
CYCJET is the brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited, a Shanghai based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of different types of portable and industry-grade printers.
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Telephone: +86-21-59970419 ext 8008
Email: sales@cycjet.com
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