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High Speed Laser marking machine For PVC Pipes

Abstract: Along with the laser technology development, laser marking machine could print like inkjet print. High speed, visible, can not erase it by cleaner. Advantage of Laser Marking Machine:zero-maintenance, zero running cost, zero failure, etc...So day by day Laser printing instead of ink jet printer apply to PVC/PPR/HDPE Pipe Industry.

Laser marking machine excellent working function and advantages drives the pipe factory owner give up inkjet printer, turn to laser marking machine to finish the marking job. Laser marking machine have advantages in clean and pollution-free, no daily maintenance, no daily consumables, more tightly marking, easy to operate etc., And the machine is environmentally friendly, it is no harm to operator and the nature. 


Compare with inkjet printer, laser marking machine is more advanced marking technology. It controlled by high speed touch screen industrial computer ,which could control laser automatic print different language, picture and anti-counterfeiting mark in product. The high speed computer could drive the machine marking fast, match high speed production line. The printing clear and beautiful, coding cannot erase, convenient and reliable operation, the health and safety, suitable for continuous operation in production line.


Laser marking machine suitable for PVC Pipes industry. We installed many machine as many countries, most of customer feedback us when they running machine few weeks. The feedback is laser printer could solve problems of inkjet printer, it is painfull use inkjet, because the block, maintaince, consumptive cost, spare parts cost very high. And the production line should stop working if inkjet has problem, it will waste more time and delay the order schdule. And it widely used for various material and industry, it has been very widely used and popular in the foreign market .

Laser marking machine application characteristics:

  A: strong anti-counterfeiting mark : mark cannot erase, high technology content.

  B: the special printing: anti channeling goods and fake products, easy to regional sales management.

  C: the content of printing is roughly same, second time use machine no need adjustment, easy to operate.

  D:no printing consumables, save more running cost

  E: Visible marking, printing quality higher than inkjet printer


CYCJET is the a brand name of Yuchang Industrial Company Limited. As a manufacturer, CYCJET have more than ten years experience for wholesaler and retailer of different types of handheld inkjet printing solution, Laser printing solution, portable marking solution in Shanghai China.


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