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Aluminium Profile Industry Fly Laser Coding Solution


The aluminum profile industry initially used inkjet printers to print company logos on profile products for anti-counterfeiting, with the following disadvantages:
1. A permanent mark cannot be provided.
2. It is easy to block the inkjet head due to the hardening of the dust ink, and the pipeline should be cleaned frequently.
3. Consumables have high operating costs.

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 Laser Marking:
The laser spray company logo on the profile was well received after being placed on the market, which greatly reduced the imitation of some small businesses.
Technology  Process:
It is extruded into a white material by round ingot casting, electrophoresis after blasting of white material, or direct oxidation of white material. The surface treatment of white material directly after powder spraying is the three kinds of products of electrophoresis material, oxidation material and powder spray material. Common aluminum profiles.
Generally, laser marking is used on white materials, and five lasers emit light at the same time. The marking time is about 4-5 seconds, and then the post-process electrophoresis or oxidation treatment is performed to form a watermark-like effect on the renminbi, achieving the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. . Do not directly mark the finished electrophoretic material or oxidized material. First, because the surface coating is damaged after the finished product marking, which affects the corrosion resistance. Second, because the laser marking is in the middle process, some small factories have to buy lasers. When the standard machine takes the anti-trademark, there is a risk that the equipment in the previous and the process together with the laser marking equipment will be confiscated as a counterfeit tool, which raises the threshold for fraud. The powder spray line should be laser-marked. Considering that the powder spray layer is thick, the coverage of the mark is serious, resulting in unclear marks. Increasing the power mark can seriously affect the life of the semiconductor. Lengthening the marking time can seriously affect production efficiency. In response to this phenomenon, experts have proposed two solutions:

Solution I. It is recommended to mark with YAG laser engraving machine after powder spraying.
 Because it can be seen under a high-magnification microscope, the semiconductor YAG is not destroyed by the powder layer, which is a photochemical reaction between the laser of the YAG wavelength and the powder layer, and only changes the color. Therefore, our company recommends using semiconductor YAG after the powder spray, because the current can be controlled at about 12A (currently the marking current of the electrophoretic material and the oxidized material is about 18A), which can greatly extend the life of the semiconductor module, and can greatly reduce the equipment. Maintenance rate, and time can be shortened in about 1 second, greatly improving production tempo.

Solution II. It is recommended to mark with CO2 Laser coding machine after powder spraying.
Under the microscope of high magnification, it can be seen that the use of CO2 is the result of the destruction of the powder layer, which is the result of the laser burning powder layer of CO2 wavelength, but because the energy of the laser can be controlled, the depth of the damage can be controlled in the profile. Does not affect the scope. This conclusion was verified by a pitting test (simulating acid and alkali corrosion in the laboratory). Therefore, we recommend using CO2 after the powder spray, and by controlling the energy of the laser, the damage of the coating can be controlled within an acceptable range. The second time can be shortened in about 1 second, greatly improving the production cycle. The three CO2 imported lasers are fully sealed and maintenance-free products, and the equipment is air-cooled to eliminate the water-cooling machine, which greatly reduces the maintenance rate of the equipment. Four can use 30W or even 10W CO2 imported laser, which greatly reduces the price of equipment. Marking on electrophoretic materials or oxidized materials, currently also pushing 100W lamp pump, not pushing 50W semiconductor, solving the problem of semiconductor laser module life in the user environment, and meeting the user's clearer marking effect.



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