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Application of Small Character Inkjet Printer in Egg Industry


The share of small character inkjet printers in the entire automatic marking equipment industry is still very high, especially in the egg inkjet marking industry, more than 80% of egg production and processing enterprises will use small character inkjet printers for online egg assignment code.


For consumers, food safety is of paramount importance, and eggs with spray codes represent higher-end and more assured brand protection. The same is true in the market, where coded eggs tend to be more expensive than regular eggs.


With the popularity of egg coding, more and more egg suppliers use coding to improve their brand value, allowing consumers to better understand the type and brand name of eggs, increasing the premium and increasing the purchase rate.


Advantages and disadvantages of small character inkjet printing machine in egg marking industry:


1. Low purchase cost.


The price of a small character inkjet printer is about 4,000 US dollars, while a multi-nozzle high-resolution printer that can be used in the egg industry (generally needs to be equipped with 5-6 nozzles) often costs more than 6,000. dollars.


In addition, when purchasing an inkjet printer, we also need to pay attention to whether the price of the automated assembly line is acceptable. The purchase of supporting equipment will also directly affect the efficiency and overall cost of egg coding.




For example, a conveyor belt with egg holes (supports the placement of eggs and duck eggs, and online coding), or a wider conveyor belt that can hold an entire tray, and the entire tray is online coding (suitable for multi-nozzle thermal foaming coding machine), as well as a step-by-step variable-frequency conveyor belt (which can be used with a small character inkjet printer for line-by-line printing).


Of course, there are also the cost of consumables (including the cost of daily use of environmentally friendly inks, solvents, cleaning agents and other consumables), maintenance costs (the cost of regularly cleaning the ink circuit, replacing the filter), these factors lead to the final price difference will be get bigger.


2. The comprehensive service life is long.


A small character inkjet printer (using core imported parts) can have a service life of more than 10 years. During normal use, we only need a small amount of maintenance. Compared with other inkjet printing equipment, it has a stronger adaptability to usage scenarios and longer usage time.


A thermal foaming inkjet printer (a multi-nozzle equipment suitable for the egg marking industry) can have a service life of more than 5 years, because its wearing parts are also very few, and the main components are relatively simple, only the circuit control system and signal content transmission line, the print head are updated in real time with the update of the ink cartridge, which is more advantageous than the small character inkjet printer.


3. The degree of automation is low and the relative efficiency is low.


Compared with the multi-nozzle thermal foaming inkjet printer, the small character inkjet printer adopts a relatively traditional printing method, usually with the conveyor belt for coding, the number of inkjet codes in an hour is about 100, and the multi-printer equipment can reach 500.


When we choose, we should also consider comprehensively according to the production capacity and manpower of our own factory. If the output is small, considering the cost, of course, we can choose a small character inkjet printer. If the output is large and the degree of automation is high, it is more suitable to use thermal foaming coding equipment.


4. Simple operation, less maintenance and more convenient.


The small character inkjet printer only needs to use one nozzle for printing, usually on an assembly line or an automated moving mechanism for non-contact continuous coding, and the structure is simpler.


Through the analysis of the application of small character inkjet printers in the egg industry, we can see that there are still great differences between this type of equipment and other applicable equipment in terms of principle, use, maintenance, and later stages.


There are also issues such as clarity and environmental protection. There is also no standard in the egg labeling industry. There will be differences according to the internal standards of the factory.


With the popularization of two-dimensional codes and one code for one item, traceability has become a common development direction for food. In order to realize the construction of the system architecture of traceability, coding has become the infrastructure.


Printing readable two-dimensional codes on eggs has become an urgent need. If you want to achieve high scanning recognition, high resolution is the future development direction. Through the implementation of system + software + hardware, Yuchang can complete the egg traceability and coding work in one stop.




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