CYCJET Disposable Masks High Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printing System


This is an unexpected new challenge and a sudden new test-just as the New Year of 2020 is approaching, the pneumonia epidemic of the crown virus infection is on the rise. Currently, the world is starting a battle to prevent and control the corona virus epidemic. In order to be able to quickly respond to the corona virus pneumonia epidemic and ensure the safety of the entire company's employees, CYCJET(Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd.) attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, takes proactive actions, takes the burden, and resolutely wins the epidemic. After the resumption of production, CYCJET mobilized all resources and forces in the shortest time, tailor-made anti-virus non-woven fabrics mask high resolution inkjet printers for mask manufacturers, assisted medical equipment production factories, and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.


CYCJET mask inkjet coding printer uses a 7-inch full-color super-large touch screen design, no need to connect to a computer, WYSIWYG, convenient and simple touch like a mobile phone, human-machine interactive interface greatly facilitates operation, direct and easy to learn and use, making production company personnel can grasp the operation and maintenance of the machine in the shortest time, thereby improving the stability of the machine and helping to stabilize production.

Specific features of CYCJET medical-surgical masks inkjet coding machine:

Software features: No need for a computer, free to edit graphic text, WYSIWYG, simple operation, high-quality printing

Printing graphics: can print various trademark graphics, Chinese and foreign fonts, numbers, letters, patterns and special symbols

Printing fonts: free installation to increase the font library, support any TTF fonts on the computer, and also spray dot fonts (imitation dot matrix)

Printing height: The maximum printing height is 18mm and 71mm.

Number of print lines: within the effective print height (18mm / 71mm), the number of print lines can be edited arbitrarily

Printing accuracy: 400 DPI

Character height: optional font height (1mm-18mm or 1mm-71mm)

Optimal distance: The optimal distance from the nozzle to the sprayed object is 4-11mm

Automatic printing: date, time, batch number, shift and serial number, etc.

Printing speed: up to 80 m / min, and the printing speed does not change with the increase of the number of lines

Ink color: black, red, blue, white, green, yellow, UV ink

Power parameters: AC 110-250V

System power consumption: average power consumption is less than 25W


In addition, CYCJETShanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. also launched LF series fly laser printers, LC series laser marking machines, B series small character printers, C series large character Ink Jet printers at the same time, escorting medical material production enterprises to protect and win Contributions to the epidemic stagnation war, welcome to consult the majority of medical supply manufacturers!



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