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How to Choose the Cosmetic Laser Printers Correctly?


There are more and more applications of laser marking machine in the cosmetics and daily necessities industries. In supermarkets and some daily necessities and cosmetics specialty stores, we can clearly see that product identification has changed from traditional inkjet printer to laser marking. Laser coding surpasses small character inkjet printers in both quantity and quality.


Why are there more and more cases of cosmetic laser printers? We can analyze this question from three aspects, so that we can reason more easily and find the answer.


1. Environmental issues. Under the premise that environmental protection laws are becoming more and more stringent, and consumers and manufacturers pay more and more attention to sustainable development, some ink pollution problems existing in traditional inkjet processes cannot be avoided. In cosmetic workshops, there are many dust-free workshops with high standards, and there are very clear requirements for the cleanliness of products, and it is not possible to simply use inkjet to solve date marking and expiration date marking.


2. The cost issue. Purchase cost and use cost, after the initial purchase of the inkjet printer, not only the daily ink and solvent usage costs, but also regular maintenance, cleaning of the pipeline ink path, and filter replacement are required. The use and maintenance costs are very high. The laser coding machine does not require any post-maintenance, and the cost of use is only the cost of electricity. It is very suitable for long-term, large-scale, and high-intensity production and processing enterprises.


3. The problem of traceability, anti-counterfeiting and anti-collision. In 2017, QR code identification and barcode identification have become very common. The function of these codes is to allow manufacturers to conduct traceability management, and when quality or other problems occur, they can accurately find the person responsible for production quality and find the root cause of the problem. At the same time, it is convenient to find all problematic products in the batch for market recall. Second, it can effectively carry out anti-counterfeiting and anti-collision code printing. Unlike small character inkjet printers, the characters printed by laser printers cannot be wiped off and smeared with ordinary solvents and cleaning agents, avoiding the possibility of falsifying and modifying the date, batch number and serial number.




After understanding why laser printers are used, how do we choose them correctly?


Laser marking machine are mainly divided into three types: CO2, optical fiber, and UV. The main difference between the three is that the laser type and wavelength are different, and the content formed on the surface of the product has different effects. According to the product and production and processing conditions, how to choose better and faster?


1. Understand the product type and material information. Only after understanding the material composition cost of our own products can we quickly judge and choose the type of laser machine. For example, ordinary paper packaging boxes or paper packaging boxes with film coating, we usually choose CO2 laser printer for marking. For the packaging of the film, Shanghai Yuchang will also provide a CO2 laser machine with a wavelength of 10.2μm for matching, which can get better marking effect.


If it is a bottle cap and bottle body type product that needs to be marked, depending on the material, there are also fiber and UV laser machines to choose from. The most popular bottle cap QR code laser coding equipment recently adopts UV laser technology. The 355 nm wavelength UV cold light source can change the molecular structure of the surface material without affecting the product itself, forming a clear and contrasting content logo.


2. Understand the production line speed of the assembly line and choose the machine with the appropriate power. Different products, production and processing speeds will be different. Laser machines also have different power options of 10 watts, 20 watts, 30 watts or even 60 watts. Laser machines with different wattages have different power intensities, and the speed of the matching pipeline will be relatively different. There is a big difference. For example, a 10-watt CO2 laser printer can print the date and expiration date on PET bottles, which can reach a speed of 13,000 bottles/hour, and a 30-watt CO2 laser machine can reach a speed of 30,000 bottles/hour.


3. Proofing test. The proofing test is not only to see the effect of laser coding on the cosmetic packaging box/bottle body/cap, but also to measure the speed. The conveyor belt is used to simulate various speeds to carry out the flight marking test, and get the limit speed of the 10-watt and 30-watt laser machines for marking on this product for customers to compare and reference.


Through years of technical experience accumulation, Shanghai Yuchang has accumulated a large number of customer cases in the cosmetic daily chemical industry, forming a set of fast, accurate and efficient cosmetic laser printer application solutions. A variety of cost-effective laser marking equipment can be selected, reducing customer procurement costs, improving factory automation, and improving product market competitiveness are what we have been working hard to do.




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