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Packaging can help build and maintain consumer confidence through the quality, appearance and packaging information. In this case, the printed variable information needs to be printed on the dairy package. Quality code is necessary, and how they are generated and presented will have a major impact on the business.

1. Improve brand protection / compliance

High-resolution printer printing for shelf life, lot number or traceability data;

Long-lasting quality codes or markings ensure that dairy products meet all necessary regulations and customer requirements. They also complete the packaging to ensure that the code does not make the overall look inferior.

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2.Quality and efficiency

Industrial Coding equipment that is stable and easy to set up and use helps achieve efficient production.

Error codes are expensive, for example, errors can result in time and product losses, rework requirements, and may even require recalls and fines for retailers. There are many perishable foods and products with short shelf life in the dairy industry, and mistakes will have particularly serious consequences. Modern printers provide simple information creation and editing capabilities through a touch screen user interface, often with image-guided prompts and on-screen help. This helps ensure consistency and reduces the probability of errors and factory rework.

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3. Reduce the possibility of production suspension

If the machine is easy to integrate with the production line, this means that a lot of downtime will be reduced during the installation process. For many dairy installations that are usually cold, cold or humid, and wet, choose a printer with the appropriate degree of protection (IP) to avoid failure due to solids or liquids entering the machine. A self-cleaning printhead reduces nozzle clogging, while a timely and visible low level notification facilitates refilling during scheduled line shutdowns.

The use of printers with long maintenance intervals and self-repair and self-maintenance features helps to minimize planned downtime, and machines for straight-through environments help to eliminate the time required to cover or remove the machine for cleaning.

4. Reduce waste

A combination of quality and accuracy will ensure that the correct information is printed every time and printed on the correct position of the product, which is especially important for small packages.

5. Reduce process and overproduction

The printer that needs to be simply started, and the first print and the last print quality are consistent, which means that the machine does not need to be kept on for a long time, and can be turned on and used when needed.

Flexible printheads that can be multi-directionally coded can even be coded from the bottom of the product or cross-lined, which means no adjustments to the product position are required for printing.

CYCJET large format inkjet printer - the preferred choice for dairy coding

Developed to meet the needs of the dairy industry, the CYCJET inkjet device features straight-through flushing and a removable printhead capability to deliver the reliability, versatility and productivity required by the industry. In this way, they will be able to ensure that every mark or code meets regulatory requirements and achieves superior quality levels to help support the brand's reputation.

CYCJET Inkjet printer Single print head as 128, vertical resolution 200DPI, Cross direction resolution 100-400DPI can be adjustment. The lines unlimited within effective height, and can be print logo, barcode Micro Piezo technology, beautiful printing, And printing speed not influenced by fonts or printing lines.



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