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Three Characteristics of Handheld Inkjet Printers


The brand, price and application of handheld inkjet printing machine have always been the concerns of many customers and production and processing enterprises. Handheld inkjet printers have become very popular in recent years, and it is inseparable from its several characteristics, such as inkjet printing effect, price of the whole machine, and usage.


1. Coding effect.


The working principle of the handheld inkjet printer is similar to the high-resolution (thermal foaming inkjet printer), generally using HP or Purcell, two brand types of nozzles, the core components include the nozzle, software operating system, synchronizer and handheld architecture.


The coding effect is related to the type of printhead and the current condition of the printhead. Under normal circumstances, the resolution can be up to 300DPI. Like print and photo, it can achieve the effect of printing, which is very clear and beautiful. There are many types of black inks, including fast-drying and slow-drying, as well as water-based inks and oil-based inks.


In today's rapid development of the Internet of Things, one code for one thing has become the development trend of the product identification industry. There are more and more applications of barcodes and two-dimensional codes, and there are more and more demands for marking effects. At this time, the effect and advantages of handheld inkjet printer have been fully experienced, and its scanning rate and stability have been widely recognized and affirmed by users.




2. The price level of the whole machine is low, and the purchasing threshold is low.


When buying a handheld inkjet printer, our first reference is often the price, and we often ignore its functionality, such as whether the QR code can be printed, whether data transmission can be performed, whether the information is easy to edit, and the effect of use, warranty period, service life, price of consumables, cost of use and other issues. The consequence of not understanding clearly is that it is easy to cause difficulties in use, maintenance and after-sales in the later stage, which brings obstacles in production and affects the normal labeling of products.


About 10,000 imported handheld inkjet printers generally need to use batteries. The standard battery is two, and there is a charger. It can be fully charged in 1 hour, and the usage time can reach 18 hours. It is simple, durable and easy to use. Shanghai Yuchang's pursuit is to provide customers with low-cost and low-priced handhelds, which is what we have been doing, constantly reducing costs, improving customer usage costs, and effectively reducing procurement costs.


3. The principle and application analysis of handheld inkjet printer.


The principle of portable inkjet printers mainly lies in the nozzle. Take HP brand nozzles as an example. This type of nozzles is widely used. Many handheld printers use their ink cartridges. The advantages are durable, not easy to block, and good printing quality.


The HP nozzle adopts thermal bubble inkjet technology, the nozzle adopts semiconductor thin film technology, and adopts laser process and high-precision coating technology to form multiple nozzle holes with a diameter of about 50 microns. These nozzles are arranged in high density. After receiving the heating signal, the ink is heated to about 260°C by electric current in a very short moment, and the partial ink is heated to form bubbles to expand and eject the ink, forming various text and picture LOGO and other characters.


With the development of inkjet marking technology, more and more miniaturization and portability are one of the important development directions. The application of hand-held inkjet printers has also become widespread. By modifying the bracket, it can also be used as an online inkjet printer. The effect can be selected from the printed body effect or the dot matrix effect, which is more flexible and has brought a greater impact on the traditional small character inkjet printer industry.


The principle of the hand-held inkjet printer is simple. Through the circuit control system and the ink circuit solenoid valve system, it can carry out high-definition identification of characters, patterns, trademarks, production dates and other information content with a height of 17mm without a pressure pump. Lightweight and compact, mature technology, complete functions, simple operation and maintenance, easy to maintain, used in food, packaging boxes, beverages, wine bottles and wine boxes, building materials and pipes, cosmetics, daily necessities and other factories, and the operation instructions and operating procedures are also simple and easy to learn, which allows operators to use foolish coding.




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